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The Sarawak State Government Online Services

The Sarawak State Government Online Services


E-government initiatives in Sarawak started in 1995. The Sarawak State Government has successfully initiated and implemented various online services and information services to effectively and efficiently distribute services to the people without time and space constraints.



Search for Business Name

View State Government Tender Notices ( E-Tender Notices )


Apply for Scholarships ( E-SCHOLARSHIP )

Complaints and Feedback to all Government Agencies and non Government Organisations ( TALIKHIDMAT )

Online Libraries ( E-LIBRARIES )

Look for Government Jobs ( E-RECRUITMENT )

Register as Government Contractor / Consultant ( E-UPK )

Download Government Forms ( E-FORMS )

Government Facilities Booking ( E-BOOKING )

MySMS 15888 Gerbang SMS Kerajaan Malaysia ( mySMS )

MyEG Services



Handy Guide to Sarawak Government Services

Panoramic Images of Sarawak ( PIOS )

Sarawak Interactive Road Map ( SIDRA )

Contractors Registry ( CONTRACTORS REGISTRY )

Tabung Ekonomi Gagasan Anak Bumiputera Sarawak (TEGAS)